You can wash your hair in bed

Hair Washing

It is a necessity to wash our hair from time to time to keep it clean and odorless. The same thing applies to the elderly in Nursing Home Facilities. Hair washing is quite arduous for seniors who have difficulty in moving from one place to another. Therefore, with Thales Microbubble Washing System, it made the process easier and more convenient. With the help of our patented unique enzyme, washing hair will be simple and easy. There is no need for shampoo and conditioning to keep the hair odorless, smooth and vibrant.

Roughness and swelling of the feet are improved


Thales Microbubble Washing System has various functions. This system is not only used for washing your hair but as well as washing one’s feet. In Japan’s Nursing Home facility, having insufficient blood flow is common in seniors. That’s why a foot bath is one of the main routines to help stimulate blood flow and induces sleep for the elderly. Footbath will also help relieve arthritis pain and relax. Staying hydrated may help seniors reduce dryness and itchiness that often comes with winter and constant wearing of socks and shoes.

Roughness and swelling of the feet are improved