Reviving the Original Hair by Hair Washing Revolution

Thales Micro Bubble Washing System

To make our hair look vibrant and beautiful, we used various treatments and essential oils to lessen the damage.

But we believe, reviving natural hair can be done by removing dust particles, hair treatment residue, and excess sebum deposits.

Thales Microbubble Washing System can remove waste and sebum from the scalp and pores completely without rubbing by pouring the microbubble unique enzyme water.

Change the old ways and opt for a new scheme: Prevent balding and regrow hair with Microbubble Washing System!

Believe it or not, there’s a vast difference with a lady’s hair of over 70 years old after using the system.

Removing waste and excess sebum which reduces itchiness after dyeing the hair.

The chemicals in hair dyes can remove the protective lipids/oils from your scalp, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to damage from irritants like Malassezia globosa.
Leading to the frequent shedding of skin cells on your scalp, resulting in the visible flakes we know as dandruff.
Thales Microbubble Washing System removes chemicals and excess sebum, reducing itchiness for a healthier scalp.

Face and Skin care

The pores of the face are clogged with foundation and sebum stains that cannot be removed by cleansing. Like the scalp, the Thales microbubbles can also clean the pores of the face.

When the pores become less noticeable, the texture is smoothed, the dullness is reduced, and the transparency is improved. In addition, microbubbles stimulate the capillaries of the face to boost the immunity of the skin, promote blood circulation, and brighten the tone of the skin.