About us

New discoveries and inventions change the existing conventions and the way of thinking.
A long time has been passed since humans acquired soap and the principle of cleansing.
We change the current norm of removing dirt by lathering and scrubbing the skin.
By generating a large amount of microbubble combining with enzymes, we made it possible to remove dirt from the body parts that could not be cleansed completely without scrubbing the skin.

That is Thales’s “Microbubble Wash System.”

The wisdom and cooperation of various people contributed to the development of this new cleaning principle and technology.
Before applying this technology to humans, we first confirmed its safety and effectiveness with animals especially dogs suffering from “skin diseases.” Just a one-time wash can remove the unpleasant odor without rubbing or irritating the skin. When the technology was regularly used once a week, the various symptoms have been dramatically improved, and hair growth has been witnessed in users.

Nowadays, the Microbubble Wash System has been introduced in Japanese hair salons. It is gradually spreading as it has been recognized to clean hair and scalp without unwinding the complicatedly braided hairstyles. Now the elderly care facilities have begun to use this system.

This technology has the potential to evolve further and lead to the solution to cleaning problems.
We can apply this technology to a medical area, such as necrotic skin seen in diabetics, the burned skin that cannot be rubbed, wounds containing fine sand, and more.
In the food sector, we have begun utilizing the technology for washing eggs in Japan.

We are a small Japanese company but have many patented technologies globally, and we strongly hope to contribute to people’s lives by using this technology.



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