About us

New discoveries and inventions that overturn the existing conventions cannot gain international acceptance.
Since humans started using “soap”, rubbing off was a common way to remove dirt.
There was a cleaning method to use acid or alkali to dissolve and scrape off the dirt. However, it is not suitable for delicate skin. Therefore, Thales focused on the characteristics of microbubbles and enzymes found in nature to realize a new cleansing method without rubbing skins.
That is Thales’s “Microbubble Wash System”.
The wisdom of various people contributed to the discovery of this new cleaning technology. The “father of the technology” was a veterinarian, Dr. Ishibashi of Inokashira Park Animal Hospital. His passion and cooperation helped open the door to innovation.
Many professionals have brought up this technology, including Dr. Kishikawa, director of Yu Animal Hospital, Dr. Suzuki, director of Kawai Animal Hospital, Dr. Shimada, director of Shimada Animal Hospital, and Dr. Nagata, director of Noppo Animal Hospital.
This technology has been widely used in grooming salons and veterinary clinics, beauty salons, and senior care facilities in Japan. By applying the same technology to other uses, various more problems might be solved in the future.
Since 2016, we have established a US subsidiary and obtained FDA approval to spread this technology globally. We will soon complete the UL certification process in 2021 and begin full-scale production in 2022, which will be a year of an enormous breakthrough.
We, a small Japanese company, slowly change the world with help from many collaborators. Setting it as a goal, we are making continuous efforts every day.



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