Original Hair Beauty Revived by Hair Washing Revolution

Thales Micro Bubble Washing System

To make our hair beautiful, we are adding various treatments and oils to hair and scalp.

But we believe that original hair beauty could be revived by removing something.

Thales Micro Bubble Washing System could remove something like waste and sebum from scalp and pores completely by pouring micro bubble special enzyme water without rubbing.

Change common sense: Cure and Grow hair without rubbing hair and scalp !
Really? Believe or not, Big change of 70over lady’s hair

Removing waste and sebum plus reducing itchy after hair coloring

In case coloring and gray hair dye contains chemicals, that may result in feeling itchy.

Thales Micro Bubble Washing System removes such chemicals and Reducing feeling itchy.

Cleans finely braided hair without unwinding